Only have time to see her twice a week?

Basically she works all days and I work all during the evening.
My days off are tues and Sunday, hers are the weekend.
I can see her all day Sunday, and tues from 4pm.
I could see her before work on Saturday, but only for 3 hours at most.

Is this ok? Can a relationship work on this?


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  • I see my bf twice a week, 6hrs at a time, and its working for us. Probably depends on the individuals and maturity level. I dont mind it, but sometimes its annoying that other people make judgements about it.

    • See I didn't think twice about it. I've dated this girl once, mentioned to a friend who said it'll be tricky.
      We'll make it work if anything happens.

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    • Yeah deffo. But we'll also can get time off, shift swaps, plus i might be changing my shifts soon.

    • Thanks for MH! :) hope it works out! :)

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  • i think a relationship can still work. you both are just going to have to put in the effort to make sure y'all see each other whenever you can, otherwise y'all are both going to be unhappy with the relationship and it won't work.

    • Yeah I mean we can both get a shift swap here and there. I'm willing to put the effort in!

  • Yes a relationship can work on seeing eachother that often so long as you keep touch via phone or text in between.


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