i have a boyfriend, but past feelings have come back for someone i liked before?

so i have a boyfriend that i've been with for 5 months now. we met in September and started dating in October. i love him and am happy with him, and would never ever hurt him (and by that i mean i would never cheat, i'm totally against it). but, i also liked this guy from about march 2013 until some point in late August 2013, maybe even into September 2013. i worked with him and it was always flirty and he'd like my pictures on instagram and i'd like his back. the only reason i shoved my feelings for him away was because i saw he was interested in another girl. turns out, and i just recently found this out, he liked me the entire time and is still interested. finding this out, reignited old feelings because i never really got over him, i just made myself bury the feelings. i don't know what to do. i'm supposed to go to hawaii with my boyfriend in like 2 months for 2 weeks. i'm not going to do anything sudden before that because we already have the tickets. but i also plan on asking him after the trip about our future, because we have completely different futures in visualized for ourselves. so between wondering how much further our future together will be, since we are basically opposite in what we want our future to be like, and then regaining past feelings for the guy i liked last year, but also loving my current boyfriend, i'm SO torn. and i don't know what to do or think. any advice is greatly appreciated. and remember, i NEVER have and NEVER will cheat, so don't bring that up cause it's not even a thought. thank you.


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  • I think if you love this guy, you should forget about the one that you're not dating. You shouldn't continue talking to him unless you WANT your emotions to break up your current relationship.
    It'd be a little bit shitty of you to break up with your current boyfriend right after you two go on a vacation together, though. I think you need to figure things out now.
    Do you want to stay with your current boyfriend?
    Does it matter to you who you end up with?
    You're going to hurt your current boyfriend a LOT if you break up with him for someone else, especially someone that you don't even know if it's going to work out with.
    I've been in a similar situation and I still regret breaking up with my boyfriend for someone else because we didn't work out at all.
    It's your decision, though.