Guys: If you like a girl will you text her?

Will you text her and initiate the conversation or does texting not really interest you. Would you rather talk in person than have a conversation over text? If the girl is always texting you first and you never contact her other than responding to her does that mean you have no interest in her?


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  • If I like a girl i definitely initiate conversations. Hopefully she does the same. If he doesn't ever text you he probably isn't very interested. Im not a big texter but if i like a girl, of course id want to talk to her.


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  • Yes I will text her and I do like texting. I would rather talk in person because I enjoy her company and wish I was around her all the time. I would never not reply. If the person is not replying then there is definitely a problem. It could just be a busy job or family crisis. If those are not happening then you have problems.


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