Spooning with this girl - what message am i getting?

Okay basically.. I'm good friends with this girl and at parties with get with each other if no one else is there kinda thing,
I fancy her and on the odd occasion I said lets go yours for a spoon and a movie.. She said yes so I went to her and had a spoon (nothing happend )
We did the same the night after and were so close to kissing but didn't have the balls to kiss her or make a move.. she was playing with my t-shirt and hair
And she also said she enjoyed it and would do it again
(But we also argue a lot at college )
But basically.. Does she seem interested and should I make a move next time or is she just seeing me as a mate to spoon on free days?


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What Girls Said 1

  • YES. She definitely seems interested.
    Girls don't tend to just spoon with random guys, let alone guys they dislike. She has some sort of attraction to you, ESPECIALLY since she was playing with your hair and shirt.
    Go for it.


What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like you challenge her mentally, which is a turn-on to intelligent people, and she wants more of you. Grow some balls and go for it!

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