My cousin says the boy im seeing is no good for me. should I listen to her?

So there's this boy named david whos interested in me and he's best friends with my cousin Danny. My cousin danny likes the idea that im seeing his best friend david. But my female cousin rosa says I shouldn't trust the boy because he cheated on his exgf which was his gf for 3 years with another girl. But rosa told me he's a sweet guy but a cheater. I don't know if I should stay away from him or should I give him a chance? maybe it will be different with me? can I change him? I confronted him and he said he will show me with actions that he changed. I don't know if I should believe him and stop before I start catching more feelings for him.


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  • Can you change him? No. Not at all. Only he can change himself.
    Nobody can help you with this choice it's completely up to you.
    S0mething you can consider though. What would hurt you more?

    You have a relationship with him. 15 years from now he cheats

    You don't have a relationship with him. 15 years from now, you're still wondering if you should have Or why didn't you.

    In my opinion this is basically what it comes down to.

    • thanks for the advice and its a hard decision but I think its more painful a long term relationship and getting cheated on. I rather live with the question what could of been than pain

    • I agree.


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  • Cheaters very rarely change. If he's telling you that he can prove that to you with his actions, he might not be telling the truth.
    You can either a) put him in a situation where he has to prove that he won't cheat on you without him knowing you're there, b) trust his word, c) stay sceptical but with him, or d) break up with him.

    • thank you for the advice im just going to break up with him before I catch more feelings.

    • Alright. Sounds like a plan.

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