My online friend just dropped the L-bomb on me? is there any way to tell if he means it?

He came out of nowhere and said "I love you" just as our conversation had ended.. I do have feelings for him, but I don't know if I should. So many people online are in need of attention and will just string you along.. How do I know if he's not telling 10 other girls the same thing? I doubt there's anyway to know if he was serious or not..


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  • The problem with online relationships are that you simply don't know. You have to have a lot of trust in someone to commit to them when they aren't even really present in your life. I personally think you should consider how realistic this is. Like what are the chances of this going somewhere. You think either of you would move one day to be with the other?
    If not, what really are you getting out of it? You know what I mean.

    Also these days, "I love you" is said so casually. Its hard enough to know how genuine someone is in person. I don't know him, your relationship, or anything about the situation so you're going to have to judge it yourself the best you can. Just be smart about it and be honest with him about your feelings and thoughts.
    Only he can tell you and show you how genuine he is.


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  • Well, how can you be sure that an offline friend isn't telling other girls that?

    You have to take risks in love. The question is, is THIS risk a risk you want to take?

    • Oh that's a good point you made!

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  • You can never really know, how long have you to been friends for? Because if you have been friends for a long time he might have meant it

    • We haven't been friends for that long, only since December .

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    • Hopefully, good luck! :)

    • Thank you!! :)