He wants to do the whole "meet the parents" thing. I think it's too soon. Thoughts, anyone?

Met a guy online, and we've only dated for about a week or two. We talk/text at least once every day, and our conversations can be very quick one day and really long another day... it just really depends. We've gone on at least 5 dates in person. Already he's talking about wanting to meet my parents and being introduced to my inner circle of friends.

Is it wrong for me to feel uncomfortable with this and feel like it's too soon? I feel like I'd like us to get to know each other better, and I feel like it's more normal to do something like that maybe anywhere from 2-6 months in... but maybe I'm being backwards about this?

Thoughts? Opinions?


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  • Every relationship is different, so it depends on the situation. If YOU feel it's too soon, though, and makes you uncomfortable, then it's too soon. You should only introduce him if/when you feel ready.