How do I know if we are dating or just hanging out?

I have been seeing this guy around a month now and we talk a few times during the day, just random texts, but he doesn't want to get too deep in a relationship right now and is afraid to because we are both moving away in the fall. I ask him he he wanted to stop seeing each other but he says he doesn't want to stop hangout out together. We don't hug, hold hands, or kiss. The only time we did get intimate was once when I spent the night, I think that night scared him a lot. So, is this a loss cause for anything to potentially get deeper? I want to get more involved but he just isn't ready yet. Is there hope he might want to get more involved if we continue hanging out? I don't even think we are dating anymore!!!


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  • I personally think you should end it while you're still not deeply emotionally involved. I had the same thing happen to me but instead of a month it dragged on for 2 years. And although it's done now, I'm still subconsciously waiting. So I think you should take a different route and save yourself the heartache!


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