Why won't women give me a chance?

I don't know why women don't like me and why they don't flirt with me... what do they look for in men?


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  • Attraction is about feelings... how she FEELS when she meets you, or sees you across the room. This is why men who are "confident" do better than the average guy... because his body language and his interactions with others effect how she imagines she'll feel when she's with him. Confident men tend to be more "in the moment" because they're not in their own heads worrying about what to say.

    The confident guy is teasing and flirty and fun.

    Any ways... focus on this:

    - Social Skills. This is important because your relationships with friends and family will either inspire women to get to know you, or will push them away. This is because life is ALL about our relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves.

    If you have poor social skills (you can enter a room of strangers and make conversation) then you need to start there. I had to do this by forcing myself to ask strangers for the time... I did this when buying groceries because it forced me to meet people and to interact with strangers. Eventually I learned that people aren't scary, they're interesting and predictable. Everyone loves talking about themselves.

    Read: How To Make Friends And Influence People. Great resource for learning social skills.

    - Personal Pride. How you care for yourself is obvious to everyone around you. So take care of yourself. Love yourself and women will notice. Sound lame perhaps but it's accurate from my experience. This includes how you dress yourself, how you keep your home clean and presentable, how you shave, clean, smell, workout, etc. You don't have to wear suits... but if you're clean and you look healthy, women will notice.

    - Learn to tease and flirt. This is really just an extension of social skills. Basically it's about creating deep rapport with women by testing them with teasing and compliments.

    I hope this helps!

    ~ Robby

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    • What is it with people and working out

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    • @asker: I am also a overweight fellow here. I agree with what bobair mentioned below. Being fat/ovrweight dont matter. Even if a grl tease u having tummy u shud show with confidence that i am happy with my body tht will create attraction that u like for who u are. But before saying this u shud be at least fit to run a mile anytime asked or climb stairs at least 6 floors. Thats all matters. Take inspiration from Saamo Hung in jackie chan movies. He is fat. But he most of times make jackie look less... get into martial arts if u can. This will give more confidence. Cause u will be dng smeone dare to do. These are additions to what u create with bobair mentioned. Check out bobair's article on attraction how to create and use it. Its worth it. All the best

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  • Do you flirt with them or let them know you like them? If not--what makes you think a women is going to make that first move? In my age bracket the men made the first move, its just how it was in our generation, even if I liked someone I never made the first move to let them know. From what I hear the younger generation (20's and under) women are the ones who take the initiative now. But do you let them know? Flirt with them?

    • I don't flirt cuz I don't want to upset them.. they only want handsome guys flirting with them

  • What is your personality like? Are you a very serious person, withdrawn, less talkative? Those are some of the things that turn women off. Maybe you should try complimenting, smiling, waving hello (I mean, don't overdo it though.), just treat her like she is the only woman on the planet that you are 'into'.

    • I'm outgoing and talkative, friendly, attentive. I just freeze and get very shy around women I want to go out with

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    • That's good. Keep promising yourself and building up your self-confidence, trust me, you will eventually have the courage to approach. Karoakes are so much fun, you will nail it. :-) Good luck!

    • I think they would have not liked me approaching them.. I think they wanted an attractive guy to approach them

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  • Women look for confident men (who wouldn't ask themselves this question)

    • Yeah they like arrogance like I'm too good to ask someone a question. .

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    • I'm sure bitter exaggerations will get you all the ladies.

    • Confidence is a very vague term