Why did this woman get mad at me?

So this woman in my college got mad at me today. She was upset that I didn't ask her out. She claims she sent me every signal in the world. Ok, first of all ladies, I don't get signals! A woman could smile at me or look at me or even say hi to me and I will assume she is just being friendly. Most women look uninterested in me so I don't approach them. I don't approach women who act uninterested in me which is all of you lol. Did this woman expect me to be a mindreader or something?


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  • This is too funny. Well you just didn't know. Some people are clueless when it comes to subtle signs. She's obviously mad because she's frustrated and tired of sending you these signals and you not noticing. Hahaha. The thing now is that YOU KNOW SHE LIKES YOU. So if you also like her, this is your chance to make it up to her.

    • No offense, but I will never get you all.

    • That's fine. Trust me, there are some things about men we will never get either. It helps to actually pay attention though because then your chances of noticing that behavior increases as our brains like to find patterns in things. But it's not your fault if you are clueless , it just tends to be that way for some of us sometimes.

      But now you know she likes you, so it's your move. :)

  • You are supposed to know that us women are subtle... well most of us. What she did was her way of flirting. She expected you to know this, haha.

    • Well, I didn't. I had a wtf look on my face. I am not used to a woman liking me.

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    • I have to wait until Friday now.

    • Nothing wrong with that. Good luck :)

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  • At least it's not your fault if you didn't notice

  • cos she likes you , might not be too late to ask her out.