Why date someone who doesn't do anything well?

Sports are very important to my boyfriend and his family. His sister was a softball star and still coaches and he was a baseball star and coaches as well. I used to play basketball and I used to be pretty good, so I wanted to impress my boyfriend and show him I can be a star athlete as well. Only problem is, we joined a league together and I haven't been a star. In fact I've played terribly in front of him and instead of being able to show off or feel proud of myself, I've done the opposite and proven that I suck. I know it sounds odd but it really means a lot to me to be able to show him that I am good at things that matter too. I just feel like a failure and I don't know what to do. How do I prove myself or is it too late now that he's seen me not play well multiple times? Good players should never not play well


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  • how do you prove yourself? practice, practice practice

    but the fact is I doubt you are less attractive because you aren't good at one particular sport. hopefully your relationship is deeper than that. just figure at 50,60, 70 are sports going to be the way you two show your value.

    I imagine he likes you for a ton of reasons and your athleticism is only one of them. try not to worry about it.


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  • If he's really into you, and not a moron, it wouldn't matter at all. In fact if it were me, I would think you are ADORABLE! Just cuz you're trying to impress me. It would make me feel special cuz it shows how much you care. Id fall in love on the spot if I wasn't already.


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  • Maybe you haven't been playing well because you're so focused on impressing him. You need to be focused on the game so that your natural talent can shine and you can work on improving.

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