How come he comes in and out of my life?

So I met this guy through a group of my friend's boyfriend's friends. He bought me a drink and spent the day with me, we flirted all day and all our mutual friends made jokes of our interest in each other. Whenever I would go somewhere else he would come with me. We ended up all crashing on couches at our school and he sat with me, for four hours we cuddled with each other. We got to know each other and he said really sweet things, he would just hold my face and gaze into my eyes and we blew kisses at each other. We talked about hooking up but I told him I was a virgin and saving myself and also that I was a relationship type of girl and he said he would be proud to take me home to meet his family and that he wished more girls were like me. While we were cuddling he watched how I unlocked my phone then a little bit later he picked up my phone while we were together and he added himself into my phone both for messages and for snap chat, I joked about that opening the door for me to send him a million selfies and he said good I want to see more of your beautiful face, he was really respectful of me and would ask if he could put his arm around me or hold my hand and although he wanted to do stuff he controlled himself because he said it was cool that I had morals, he also said his mom would love me and that I'd fit with his family. He even opened up to me about some of his life and feelings. Now however we texted for a bit but then he stopped he only replied to one snapchat but he answers my calls on the second ring and will talk for awhile, I've asked him if he just wants me to delete him but he doesn't reply. He recently moved though and his friend thinks that's why he isn't pursuing it but it sucks because he seemed so perfect and I wouldn't mind doing long distance. What do you guys think I should do? Should I just give up?


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  • Seems the report may be correct - the move screwed things up
    1) packing & trauma killed his free time while still in town to respond to you
    2) bitter/angry at what he's giving up = sour grapes (look it up), so reluctant to reply
    3) emotions run high when moving, time runs shorts trying to establish a life, how-tos, where is that, I need this, no friends yet = no time for fun

    Give up? Only if he's not worth it. Tenacity wins the race - every time.
    He NEEDS a friend now if only he had the time... once he begins to reply, I'm sure he'll be hooked again

    • Thank you so much! Yeah he replies sometimes so I feel like if I show him I won't be going anywhere he'll come back to me

  • I would. I don't think you should make someone a priority in your life who considers you an option in theirs.


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