This guy was touchy feely!!! Tell me guys and girls?

This guy and I were standing and talking. We see each other every once and a while. Every other month or so. Anyway, as we were just standing there he reached over and touched my stomach. He laid his hand flat on my stomach and smiled. Why would he do this? I was startled and I looked down at his hand and then I looked at him. He just smiled!!! Guys and Girls tell me what is going on. This was done in a public place. With his friends and family around.


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  • does he know you?

    • We have known each other for years. I know his family and friends. We went to college together.

    • oh umm he's doing what he thinks he's supposed to do and thinks your his girlfriend, guys are just physical unlike girls were just different

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  • I don't know. Sounds really weird though. Kinda creepy.


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