I am going to join the marines ladies would you date a marine and stay faithful to him even on long deployments?

Would you stay faithful no matter what and also do you ladies like a man in uniform


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  • We'd need to be dating BEFORE he decided to join the military. It really depends.

    If my boyfriend who I have been dating for 3 years told me he was going into the military I would support him and stay with him and remain faithful.

    If I were single and met a guy who wanted to date me and then he said, "Oh, I'm being deployed in 3 weeks" No, I would not date him. There would be no basis to fall back on when I missed him. There'd essentially be no reason NOT to cheat other than that it goes against my moral code.


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  • I doubt I would be able to handle it. Sorry.

  • Nope. I come from a military family. I would never date a man who is serving or has served.

  • Personally I wouldn't, but that's not because of the long deployments but rather because someone who is in the marines (or the military in general) will most likely be too different than me, in terms of idealogy.

  • Of course, everyone loves a man in uniform.
    Yes I would stay faithful, because hopefully whenever he returned he'd be full of testosterone ;)

  • I wouldn't have a problem staying faithful, but enduring months and months and maybe even full years without him would be one of the hardest things I'd have to do in my life. I might fall into a depression over it. I'm already in a long distance relationship where he and I only get to see each other once every two to three weeks, and it sucks so much. Going 6 months, a year without him would be agony :(

  • My husband is in the military and I have to say a lot of sex and cheating goes on around the base.

    • What branch is you're husband in

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    • do the older women cheat as well... say past 30 or past 40? is it common knowledge who slept with who or just cheating is widespread is known.

    • Doesn't seem that way. The older men and women seem much more settled. Some people hide it better then others. What happens a lot is two people who are let's say 21 are going out and in love. The guy decides to join the military. He asks his girlfriend to go with him and sometimes he asks her to marry him. She says yes and neither of them are mature enough to handle the stress of military life and things happen.

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  • I would say why bother man? Focus on the Marines. Separation anxiety may deter you from your goals. And why would you put a girl through that anyway? I know if I was deployed I would tell my lady to have sex with whoever she wants. But I say wait until you are back to find a woman.

    • I don't know why, but many men and women rush to get boyfriends/girlfriends or married before they go serve. It doesn't make any sense to me. Many of them cheat in the service, and lose their shit when their partners back home aren't faithful. I don't understand military life even though I grew up in it lol

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