Dating new guy questions about his statements?

I went out on a few dates with a new guy. He is nice and polite but made a few comments Im not sure how to take. I told him to put money in the meters or he will get a 150 dollar ticket. Kidding around , I think, he said you'll pay for the ticket.
We went on another date and the waiter asked if he would like to know the price of the lamb. My date said, no its ok, she is paying for it. Though it was understood he was paying and doubt he would let me pay. I find these statements confusing and I was embarassed at the restaurant.


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  • He might be saying it as a joke but he probably wants you to pay & feels too ashamed to come out & say it. And rightly so, he should feel like a cheap ass.


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  • He wants you to pay
    He's not kidding around