Thoughts on asking out someone you see at work everyday?

Pretty basic, but I have two layers to it. I work as a Lawyer and there are two women who I kind of like and considered asking out but not sure if it would be a good idea.

The first is someone who works as a clerk in a courtroom I am in a couple days a week at least. She isn't a co-worker, but I see her a few days a week at least and she interacts with the same people daily that I do.

The second is actually a co-worker of mine. I don't see her at work as much because she works in another courtroom, but again we share all the same co-workers and at some point we could end up working in the same units or have to work together a lot.

So what are people's thoughts on this? I have never dated anyone I worked with, and have always kind of stayed away from it, but I kind of like these two women and would be interested in at least pursuing it, but if it went bad it could lead to awkward situations at work.


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  • Trust me when I say you don't want to do that... It could get awkward and uncomfortable if anything happens. Plus it could ruin your reputations. Especially in a really professional setting like that.

    by the way , are you from Detroit? I'm about 20 minutes from there :P


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  • I wouldn't date my co worker because it is very awkward if things doesn't work out. I would only date him if one of us is leaving the company.


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