I don't know if he is teasing me, is serious or it is something else?

I haven't had a boyfriend before but a guy I had met four months ago said that he likes me and we went out twice. We phone and chat every night and the other day he was saying that he'll hug me, kiss me and carry or lift me up and I was getting all nervous.
I asked if he was teasing me by saying all the things and he asked me what I thought.

Then we were talking about our ideal dates and he said that he wants to go on a dinner cruise and since I have curfew and it will be at night he asked how I would bring it up to my parents since they also don't know I am seeing someone. And also I have just started uni while he finished his education so I don't know how they will think about this.

I asked him if we are like boyfriend and girlfriend because he is saying all these things and he paused then said that we should start off as friends. That it was all hypothetical.
So I am confused how he is feeling or what his intentions are.
He said that he is worried that I will freak me out, and that we should take things slowly. Also I am not sure if we share the same feeling as I am confused about so many things.
Please tell me what you think. Thank you.


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  • To be honest I don't think he's teasing u, I generally think he just may be a inexperienced, or rather new to this like yourself, u wuldent talk about dream dates just to be friends

    • Thank you for your opinion :)

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  • I promise you he will leave after he fcks you. Wise up girly.

    • I'm sure he is not that type of person.

    • I hope you're right!