Shall I say the truth or just pretend nothing happened?


few days ago I signed up for an account on an on-line dating site just to test the water first. To tell the truth I am not confident at all about my looks in particular in photos. I guess you know where I going to say next and yes I used someone else's photo.

I certainly did not expect much especially that I was only experimenting.

But the an expected happened and I hooked up with a girl on the site and we started talking. Everything else I told is true except the photo.

Now I am going to see here tomorrow but feel terrible about my deception though the photo is vague and for someone looks like me. But it is not me but if I argue enough I could convince her that this is me but this is an old photo especially that her photos are also vague and can easily misleading. I can be the one really who claim that she is not using her real picture or at least modified it before posting it. You the best form of defence is attack.

Now I want to talk to that girl but wonder what should I do I feel terrible. Shall I just tell her all before I meet her or meet her and tell her or meet her and if she does not suspect a thing then carry on like nothing happened?


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  • So, in a way you're catfishing her. The point is you're hanging yourself in this situation. you're deceiving her as to what you CURRENTLY Look like. And when she sees what you look like NOW, she very well might be disappointed because you are NOT what is displayed in your profile photo. You might try and lie about it once you see her, but its going to backfire. I've experienced this before with guys on online dating... precisely why I hate it. I went out with a guy who did the same thing. And when I met him, I wanted to turn around and go back home. Needless to say, I was not I interested. I don't know WHO likes being deceived. I think you're a tad delusional if you think suddenly this girl is going to be passive or oblivious to your looks. Good Luck.

    • It all happened by accident. I have always thought of on-line dating for losers I was just trying to find out what is like. Now other than your sordid lecture and lame experience shall I just tell her or just tell her I am not coming and delete the bloody account.

    • Lol, I've suddenly lost interest in saying anything else regarding this. Figure it out your damn self and get some confidence while at it. Good luck.

    • Her experience was lame because of people like you, QA. Don't ask for people's opinions and advice and then act like a dick when thou don't like what they have to say.

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  • What were you thinking? You can't experiment on online dating this way. Not if you're actually serious about meeting a person.

    You should have come clean to her as soon as you started talking. Now she's going to see you as a liar and how is she supposed to believe anything else you said to her?


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  • You need to tell her before she makes the effort to meet you. Likely this will blow up in your face.

  • Tell her before meeting. She'll likely cancel. Have fun.

    • Thank you for your comment DodgersGM. People on this site are often unbelievably delusional to reality. When you're honest, its never appreciated. But thank you for chiming in with honesty. 😊

    • You're welcome. Yeah I just have zero tolerance for people asking for advice, getting solid honest advice, and then blaming the messenger and acting like a jerk. Makes no sense to me.

    • I hear you completely. I'm becoming increasingly agitated and hesitant with answering a lot of questions here. The QAs' always seem offended because you explain what IS instead of feeding into their delusions. It makes me just want to answer the most superficial questions like in the style section. At least there are no arguments or disputes and rarely rude comments. Lol 😊