Why some people use on-line dating? Did you try before? Was similar experience to mine?

Hi there

My question is simple but yet I to have a satisfying answer for it?

Why would a young or youngish man or a women who is successful, vibrant good looking and professional turn to the internet to find the "one"?

I am single and looking and someone advise me to try on-line dating but I still can not get my head round it so I created a fake profile just to dip my toes in the water and I can honestly say that many if not most people there are either have low self-esteem or weirdos and women over a certain age who still waiting on the platform of life when the train had left long ago.

Does anyone have a different experience?

with all due respect to all age groups but I'd rather people who answer my question to be above 30s.



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  • Well, to be completely honest, for me it was for two reasons.

    1. I was a bit shy when I joined the dating game.

    2. I already knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and couldn't be arsed to go through dozens of people, finding out who they are only to be disappointed by the lack of compatibility personality and interests-wise, thus wasting my time.
    With online dating you can match lots of people to your own interests, ideologies and such and it's just that much easier to choose. There are no unpleasant surprises about them several months down the line, since most of it is laid out on their profile.

    I met my boyfriend on OKcupid and we've been together for +2 years now. To say this man has high self-esteem would be an understatement.

    Also, I think it's rather narrow-minded of you to say "women over a certain age who still waiting on the platform of life when the train had left long ago". So just because they're a certain age, they don't deserve to be in a loving relationship anymore? I could say the same abour you, Mr. age 36-45.
    That sort of judgmental attitude is one of the things that will ensure keeping you single, since no self-respecting human being would want to be with someone, who thought of them as having value as a person only up until a certain age.


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  • I tried it once, and I hated it. And I just got a lot of messages saying "hey" and "Sup babe wanna get a load of my magic stick"

  • I decided to be an experiment myself in pof.. i changed my age to 25, i got all kinds of responses. Of course i never answered their replies. I just wanted to see what type of people would be 'interested' in me.

    I think theyre advertising themselves there because they don't have time to meet new people or been advised to go there since their friends had been successful and got married with someone they met there.


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  • Well about pick up lines. We do have videos on it on YouTube... It was just for messing around doe:p

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