Should I get in touch with this guy who used to like me or not?

Well about half a year ago this guy in the year above me in school left school. Hed told 1 of my friends that he liked me and that I was pretty, but he never said anything to me. But secretly I fancied him for abit lol.
yeah then he left. I didn't think of him after he left. Turns out that now, like 6 months later, he told my friend via Facebook that he liked me, but didn't want to tell be cos he didn't want to seem weird, and he told my friend to tell me he liked me. But like why say that now, half a year later?
Anyway, I see he has Twitter account, so I was thinking maybe I could message him and get talking , you know?
Or do you think its not worth bothering, since we probably won't be able to meet up in person?

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  • You deffo should try! Woman up, its 2014


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