How would a college guy date a single mom?

Ok here it goes. I'm a sophomore in college, and just met this really awesome girl (also my age). We really hit it off, and later I asked her out. But the only thing is, she has a kid (year and a half old). I've never dated a mom before, so what are some things I need to know before dating her?
Also, I'm not the partier/player type, and am not just looking for something casual


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  • First off, you need to be aware that she is not going to open up emotionally that easy to you cause while you two are not serious, her kid will come first and she is not going introduce any dude to her child. On the other hand her kid is still a toddler so you shouldn't worry that much but take your time in getting serious.

    Do not under any circumstances, delay kissing her or being boyfriendish around her cause you dont want to be friend zoned.

    So be serious but not too serious and move at the pace she needs you to move.

    Also, be aware that her life is tough. She spends sleepless nights and gets puked on constantly so her time will be limited.


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  • When it comes to Single moms with their baggage, anyone who latches on to them, must always bear in mind one thing: Their children are First Most in their life, And many times----somewhere down the road, they will be looking for someone to be like a Father Figure for their children, and someone they, too, can count on. If this is what you're looking for, and you're not "the partyer/player type, and not just looking for something casual," then this situation is for you. It Does take a very special kind of person to take on someone with an already made family. Might I suggest starting out slow. xx
    Good luck. xx

  • Things you should know are...1.) Respect her child 2.) Know her child will come first to her at all times 3.) Her child's father may be in and out of the picture if he has anything to do with her child. If you can handle that then go for it if you guys are hitting it off.


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  • She is already in a higher level that you are... so dont think you are going to date a random college girl... she might be one but she is also a mother and that changes people no matter their age. If you are llooking for something real, lasting, mature, etc. note that she might not be that open to the idea at first. Why? because her kid comes first always... no matter what. IF a relationship with you seems not good for her kid, then forget it... its over.

    On the other hand, watch out. Im not jumping into conlcusions... but tere are some cases in which mothers look for men to get ina relationship and maybe marry in an efort to have suppport for their child. Just keep it up in mind.

    If you get a serious relationship with her, remember that the kid will always play a major role. If you end up n a relationship with her... you are going to be mama"s bf and that meens that you might have a very close to step-father type of role for the kid.

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