What's a stand in guy and what are signs you are one?

Just wondering because some girls just get with guys to have someone even though they like someone else. Why do girls do this?


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  • Here are the number of reasons:

    1. The one they want to be with doesn't love them back so they suck it up and move onto a guy who does. by the way some guys do this as well.

    2. Age.

    3. Social and peer pressure.

    4. When you have someone, guys tend to flock over you. Most guys avoid you when you are single so keep your social status up by dating someone and you change for a better dude.

    5. Some women are simply terrified of being alone and cofronting personal issues, so a boyfriend keeps them occupied with other things. Serial daters.

    6. Life is tough and you dont always get what you want. There are no guarantees that you will. I am 28 and still haven't found my guy and I have the descency not to fuck someone over which I easily could do. May be considering getting married to someone even though I dont trully love them out of my mind.

    • The signs:
      1. She's not that into having sex with you and you basically have to forcé sex out of her.
      2. She has no problems staying with you eventhough she thinks that you are dumber than her or less successful than her. (Women usually fall in love with men they admire and respect as their intelectual or monetary superiors. It sucks but its deeply engrained in our psychology).
      3. There are no spontaneous acts of love. Like buying you a small gift out of the blue or remembering you when she's on a trip so she buys you something.
      4. The thought of giving you oral makes her retch. Sometimes when you really really love a guy you feel like you want to give him some and it comes naturally. When you dont love him, the last thing you want in your mouth is his dick.
      5. You have a great weekend with your friends, probably saw a few strippers and when you come back she is completely unphased. She is never jealous and couldnt give a crap if you stared at some ladies ass.

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    • Don't worry I'm 15 in her grade I just hit the wrong button when I was making this account.

    • Also on other thing I see her doing this to her boyfriend not me. She shows him a lot of disinterest. Yet still stays with him. This only intrigues me because she mentioned liking me to her best friend, but not her new found boyfriend.

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  • Probably because they don't want to be alone.

    • I'm not sure about the signs... she might flirt with you but never really act on it.

    • could a boyfriend be a stand in guy till someone better comes along.

    • Yes. There are some people who are so scared of being alone, they will settle for something less until something better comes along.

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  • I can't really say anything acka72 hasn't already said.