When a guy says "Text me", what do you say?

I guy I recently met and befriended gave me his number the other day and today, again he asked if I had his number and when I said yeah he said "ok text me".

So the thing is I really don't want to start a whole conversation with him or lead him on (because I have a boyfriend), but I don't know what he would want me to say (he doesn't have my number)


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  • Ooooooo so he doesn't know you have a bf? He's going to be bummed out. What you gotta do is text him and then try to mention that you have a bf so he knows. He'll say "whatsup" then you can say "hanging with my bf". Easy

    • well my bf is long distance and the topic hasn't come up in conversation. I didn't want to mention it assuming something that might not be true

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  • can't be friends with a guy if you have a boyfriend. just tell him, you can't talk to him because you've a bf, he'll understand, he won't like it, but he'll understand

    • why can't you be friends with guys when you have a boyfriend?

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    • care to explain?

    • nah, ill let you find out through trial and error, like everyone should be. not asking questions

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  • you know you already have your man... does the guy you met know his existence? you should be honest or you might lose both... think well

    • No I didn't mention it because he's long distance, it hasn't come up and I didn't want to seem stuck up or whatever the right word is

    • oh so it's something different

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