why won't the guy i was seeing leave me alone after i caught him cheating?

I dated a guy for a few months "exclusively" which he insisted. i found out recently that he has been lying to me. i know 100 percent its true. there is no doubt. so i confronted him. he just denied denied denied it. im like how can you say its not true like i know for a fact it is. i don't get what he thinks? like im going to believe the grass is pink when i look down and see its green? anyway i ended things with him being like look its over i can't trust you dont fight this i will nevver want you again. you are a liar. he keeps contacting me acting like nothing has happened saying you can trust me etc i dont lie. and im thinking umm you do.. anyway i have no interest anymore but he won't stop insisting he never did the thing i know he did and he keeps wanting to be with me? why is he being like this. doesn't seem normal? what does he want from me?


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  • I'm going to assume that you really do know 100% that he did cheat on you, in which case just try to forget about him. I definitely wouldn't give him a second chance considering he not only cheated on you but he's constantly lying about even doing it. If this is true then the guy is simply bad news and you need to move on.

    Be thankful you found out sooner rather than later.


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  • Lets see what he wants... hmm you? I say give him another chance. He learnt his lesson


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  • He doesn't deserve another chance.. once a cheater always a cheater... just block him.. his number, Facebook , etc

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