Dating a Japanese girl Things you should and shouldn't do.?

I just recently got back from hanging out with a Japanese girl who is really nice. I would be really interested in dating her but I don't know what she really thinks of me. We've hung out 2 times and each time it was for a really long time. We spend like 7 hours together talking and she shows me around because I'm new to japan. I've been here a little while so I know a few places and she loves every restaurant we go to. She's always laughing and were always talking a lot. She thanks me a lot but never says she had fun. Which bothers me a little. I know Japanese are very nice so maybe she just wants to be friends. I'm not good at picking up subtle hints everyone keeps talking about.

We are learning each others language. So communication is a little hard sometimes but most of the time we know enough to get what we are trying to say across.

Can anyone help? What are some signs that she would show she's interested in me?


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  • How about you just ask her? No one here can tell you what she is thinking. If you guys are talking for like 7 hours, then you should have some idea of what's up. Or give if another date to find out.


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  • I think you just need to find out if you're going out as a language exchange thing or if she's just being nice by showing the foreigner friend around.
    Most Japanese people don't really hang out one-o-one with someone from the opposite gender unless they're dating or interested in dating, but always hard to say as a foreigner.

    I think she might be interested though. Forget the subtle hints because that doesn't work in Japan, for what I know.

  • Maybe see if she's interested in going on a date somewhere. It sounds like she may be interested if she spends so much time with you. And if you are, don't worry about her not having fun when you hang out. If she's laughing a lot and thanking you and spending so much time with you, I would think she's having fun!

    On the side note, you're a lucky person. Going to Japan/learning the language is my dream. I've been self educating myself haha


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