Is he still interested in me after our second date?

I met this guy online. We texted non-stop for about 3 weeks until we finally met and things went amazing. We hung out for 8 hours, he reached for my hand during dinner and then kept finding ways to make the date last longer. At the end of the night he kissed me and we ended up making out at the bus stop for quite awhile. He texted me the next day and asked when we could hang out next, and then invited me to his house for dinner. Things went well, we watched a movie but I wasn't really sure if I should make a move or not so we actually just watched the movie while cuddling. Afterwards we just hung out, chatted casually. When I was getting to leave he finally kissed me and we made out again. We didn't make any concrete plans cause I was going out of town for a few days but we said we would pick up when I got back. Next day I texted him first and his answers were very short. I casually asked when we would be able to hang out again and he said he had a few busy days coming up when I was back in town but that "we would figure it out". I texted him again the next day and offered to stop by on my way back in to town with some takeout and he said he didn't think he would be home because he had to run errands.

Am I over-thinking this way too much, or has he lost interest?

I ended up texting him just to see how his day was going and he informed that he was hung over and couldn't hang out cause he needed to go grocery shopping later.


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  • Give him a few more days or so. It is possible he is busy. If I were you, I wouldn't say anything else about hanging out.


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  • Yeah I think your over thinking it just a tad bit, I would let him hit you up or he's going to think your becoming clingy.

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