What's a good way to show ur intrested in a text? Let's say he says he worksout?

Any good ways? To show someone you are intrested in him trough text if he says he worksout? What do guys like to hear As a compliment


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  • I'll try to give you some examples , e. g.-
    1) talk something about nutrition like -

    "I'm curious, what do you take for your post workout?"
    "I bet you have a strict meal plan"

    2) Ask him about his workout routine

    "hey how many times do you go to the gym per week cuz I can see you are pretty dedicated :) "
    "Do you have tips for me, how to improve my workout technique?"

    3) Ask him about his Gym playlist (Best way I can think so far :D)
    you can tell him, yeah you have good choice for music (even if it's like shit) :P

    Just don't tell any guy "Do you even lift, Bro?" lmao xD


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