Have you ever been relieved when a guy you LIKE stopped messaging you?

I like this guy so much. He's admit feelings for me as well.
But the thing is, there's distance between us. And I really don't see either of us relocating. Not only that, but I have a feeling he's not over his ex. And at almost 30, he's still living at home, which is fine, but he's not really trying to work more or get out. Just complains. He admits he is all talk.

I realized one day that my days are consumed by him. He messages me all day which I loved. But we aren't dating. And yet my mind and time is wrapped up in him.

He stopped messaging me or is ignoring me or playing hard to get or something.

I have enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning. No nudges, no tugs at my sleeve for attention. Peace and quiet.

If he and I were dating, that would be one thing. It's just obviously not going to happen. And I'm a single gal, part of ME being a single gal is quiet mornings and evenings. I don't know .

I like him a lot but I feel like I've been living in la-la-land with him, in some sort of pseudo relationship.

Same goes for guys, ever feel free when they've stopped messaging? (He's fine)


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  • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Glad to hear you've gotten some "you" time :)

  • Cheers!!:)