Not sure if she was trying to get a reaction out of me or not?

This girl that I have a thing for replied to me inviting her friends and her (also my friends) to a night out. She said that she would like to go but she was broke and trying to save money to go on a trip with "guy's name" but suggested another night the following week. I just thought it weird that number 1 she didn't have any money to go out that night but has money for the next night. Number 2, she never mentioned that she was going out with someone, nor is there mention of him on her Facebook or anything so I thought that maybe she was waiting to see my reply. Naturally I was really bummed about the text when I read it first and so just to be civil, I text back short and sweet that it was no problem. Just found it all a bit strange. We have a small bit of history but nothing has ever really happened between us. Am I just reading too much into it and she has moved on and is subtly telling me to give up? in the form of: by the way I have have a bf now and I need you to leave me alone?

I have this hope that the guy mentioned is a cousin that has previously emigrated and that they may be meeting up with her to go travelling in Australia? Sounds like a bit of a stretch though


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  • To be honest, I don't think she's that interested anymore. Usually girls say "oh not today but some other time maybe" to tell them that they should focus on someone else... like saying no but in the nicest way possible. And the fact that she mentioned a guy's name for a trip could mean that she might have a thing for him now

    • Sorry I forgot to say that she did suggest a few of us meeting up this week instead for drinks?

    • Ooo, okay. Thennn, I would watch how she acts and behaves during these meetings. Your probably overreacted this but I'm sure you'll get your answer when you guys actually go out with friends.

      (Sorry for the bad advice previous to this one. Her actually meaning that you guys will go out to drink changes things)

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