Girls, would you do this with a male good friend?

I am trying to figure out whether a good female friend of mine is interested in more than a platonic friendship. I should mention first that she is a shy girl, in a LDR but its not going well at all. I asked her how she felt for me a few weeks ago, she said we were friends but and she couldn't assure anything (ie: about a relationship between us) Here are the signs she/we display:

-We always talk on our own, in a bar/cafe/cinema
-We do not often have lengthy conversations, rather small talk, teasing and random things. Can sometimes turn into serious topics.
-I often make jokes (sometimes bad ones though), she always laughs or gives me the 'playful shameful' look.
-When we're not talking it turns into silence, where we both stare at each other, look away, smile, and tease the other into initiating conversations.

On the physical side:

-Always stays close to me
-Playfully hits me from time to time
-Grabs forearm when teasing me
-Hugs when possible ( and lays her head on my shoulder when we do)
-Will sometimes grab my hand and squeeze it quickly ( if, for instance, I pass my arm around her shoulders, or if we part ways and have a goodbye hug)
-When she playfully wants me to do something ( ie: grab something) she playfully and slowly grabs my hands and puts them on the item.
-She has passed her arms slowly ( and romantically I could say) once around my neck to bring my head foward to whisper something in my ears.
-Sometimes kiss on the cheeks

I am trying to reconcile all of this with the fact that she said she didn't have enough feelings for me to go 'beyond' about a month ago.
Please let me know what you think ! Cheers !


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  • It seems as if she's interested and maybe throwing signals for you to get the hint and step it up a notch. She could be doing this cause she's unsure if the feeling is mutual.
    In my opinion she's flirting.

    • ... but I told her my feelings a few weeks ago. Why would she send me signals then? How would she not know the feeling is mutual?
      Thanks for the answer by the way ! :)

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    • I have to admit I've told her about my feelings but never really did anything physical, apart from light, playful flirting. About the 'beyond' thing, she told me she didn't have enough feelings to go beyond friendship with me. After saying that, I told her I wasn't ready either, as I wanted to preserve our friendship for the time being. Maybe I did send mixed signals?

    • Well its very possible that both you are giving mixed signals. . but telling her about your feelings and never acting on them maybe she believes you don't like her. And she could be I don't know I guess waiting for you to come around that's the only thing I could think if, cause if u guys discuss this before then there should be no mixed signals and she shouldn't be flirting with you, I'm thinking her feelings could have changed about you two.. hence the tiptoeing to see if yours has too.

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  • She doesn't seem to know what she wants. But her body language says she's all for you.

  • No I wouldn't. For me there is a clear line between platonic actions and romantic ones.


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  • dude, she likes you, but dont let it get to your head. One day when when you too are leaving and she goes to kiss your cheek, kiss her lips. just a short one and keep still when doing it and see how she reacts. You will know the rest after that