Man I'm dating ignoring me after a fight!?

I'll try to make this as short as possible. I am dating this guy, and we are in our 2nd fight and I'm being ignored-which is his norm.

First fight, was on the phone basically he got upset by waft I said or way I was acting I don't know, he hung up and I tried calling texting afterward. He didn't respond, so I left him alone. He contacted me 10 days later, and apologized and said we won't fight (ignore) anymore but will talk things out. The other night we got together for dinner. He's super busy with work and I kind of nagged him into it. Long story short, I said something that offended him unintentionally, he then started acting like a jerk, and I retaliated. He up and decided to cut the evening short, wouldn't talk to me in the car. Said he's hurt, I need to stop talking to him, and we would talk later. This was 4 days ago. I got out of car in front of my house, and said bye and he didn't respond. I know he was livid. This is no way to communicate. We were always so good together just lately can't seem eye to eye. Question is: should I text him send a text? Not nagging. I think he's expecting me to apologize for what I said. He said I hurt him, but he did too. Or should I wait a bit longer?


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  • He has communication issues... seriously. I don't think you should reach out and say anything else to him until he reaches out to you. The way he handles things is inappropriate and childish. He is probably expecting you to reach out first, but I wouldn't do it.

    • Yes it is ridiculous. He doesn't know how to express himself so he runs and has a fit. Just like my own father believe it or not. He will leave the room or drop the subject without any resolution.

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    • Thanks for MH.:)

    • You're welcome :)

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  • 10 days, ..4 days... absolutely not! That's unacceptable. I wouldn't

    • Yeah, I honestly cannot understand how people can stay mad this long. I thought a couple days... but he has an inflated ego.

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