How long do you give someone you met online to meet you in person?

I met someone online who her and I hit it off messaging on there. We exchanged messages online for like a week and then I got her phone number. We have been texting each other for probably over two weeks now. So its been about 3ish weeks, maybe a little more since I first messaged her.

We haven't met up yet despite living in the same city. She seems to have legit reasons for not meeting up, like her grandpa died and she had all her out of town family in town for the funeral. Then she was out of town for a business thing too. We also have somewhat conflicting work schedules, I work normal 9-5 and she works a lot on weekends and later afternoon and at night. We also didn't meet up once because it was my fault for not being able to because I was sick.

But the longer it goes, the more I question the excuses she has when I try to set up a date. She always responds to my texts and we talk a pretty good amount, and she seems interested in meeting up, but she never really finalizes anything.

So basically, how long should I let this go on before just cutting her off? I don't want to just be texting someone back and forth and never see them, I am not a fan of "online dating" per se, but I use it to meet new people and then I try to meet them in person ASAP so its not really dating online, its dating someone I met online. I will add I am sure she is a real person and I am not getting catfished lol (google search of the phone # and fb search of the name convinced me she is real).


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  • I've had this problem with numerous girls online and I actually stop messaging them because of it. I've had some dumb excuses. Record goes to the girl who agreed to meet up then told me when I was putting my shoes on that she had class.

    The key signs she may have had a legitimate is excuse is if she agreed to postpone it and followed through with the postponed date. But it seems like something new comes up so I really thinks she just likes the attention you're giving her which a lot of girls really do and it really makes online dating troublesome for guys. The girls just whine that guys want to hook up and make excuses for not meeting yet think it's ok to lead guys on into thinking they'll get a date with them like it's for shits and giggles.


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  • I think girls get nervous about taking it offline sometimes, and many never gain the courage. I think if it goes on for a couple more weeks, you may want to reconsider or just ask her what's going on.


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