I am texting her way too much and I know it is probably annoying her. Should I apologize for it?

I recently started talking to my ex in text. I did build rapport at first and was getting positive responses like she was still in love with me.
But then I feel that I have been blowing it by texting too soon and too much.
I swear its impulsive and i need more hobbies. I texted her a few times the past couple days before she could respond.
She might just be busy and I can't assume the worst but should I not worry if I plan to get back with her?
Also I read online about relationships to not apologize about things that they haven't told you that they are annoyed at you about because they either weren't even annoyed at that or you just pointed out a flaw to them.
I am wayyy tired of being the nice guy and just not having the balls to get what I want. I want to be the most desirable sexually attractive alpha male for her.
But my question is this. What do I do if she isn't responding? Should I just wait? Should I go outside and work only truck? Should I build a tp?


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  • No. Don't apologize. It will make you seem like a whiner to her, and weak. Instead, ask her, "Am I texting you too much?" Be considerate of her instead.

    • That's a good idea

    • Yes :) Try it. That way, she will say to herself, "Wow. He is actually considering my feelings in this matter." It means a lot to a girl when you step out of your world, and consider hers. It will earn you major points. Just be polite, and be genuine. Genuinely care. :)

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  • No. Don't change anything. It will make her think something is wrong, or that you did something. That you don't care about her. If you bug her with texting. Thin she will tell you.


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