When a guy responds with a long text?

If a guy takes time out of his day to send you a VERY long text response, yet doesn't respond when you text back, could he still like you?

  • He could have been busy. He could still like you.
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  • If he doesn't always text back, he doesn't like you.
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  • I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, unless I know differently. If he sent you a "larger than life" text message, and you sent one in return with no instant results? Could be he is very busy, and will get back to you at his convenience.
    I have experienced that many of today's text toms are Not all that much on the yarn ball when it comes to pushing the right buttons at the right time. They either take their sweet ass time, or it may take days before they respond, or sometimes, Not even answer what you have asked them. So typical.
    I wouldn't worry, sweetie, if he has begun his beguine with a whole lot of something. And don't forget, as I have also experienced: He may have a whole lot of Other friends to get back to as well, so sometimes That may put the Hold button on.. xx


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  • if he took the time to write a long text , he's either bored or interested , I don't know whole story but good chance there is something there and he's interested or why bother to send it

  • Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Don't overanalyze it.


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