My online dating guy wants to be friends?

I met a guy on a online dating website. We hung out about 6 times and had fun together but we seem to be on different paths to actually start a relationship. We only kissed and nothing else physical. One day, I was just honest with him and told him that I felt as though we were on different wavelengths. He agreed and suggested that in a few months, when the weather warms up, we grab drinks as friends in the neighborhood we live in (we are close neighbors)

Does he really just want to be friends? Or maybe keep the options open?


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  • You went way too honest, Guy felt pissed and boom.. FRIENDZONED. Sorry but its truth

    • Well, he is in his 40's and 10 years older than me. I felt like we are on different paths. I was being honest

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    • ok, i get it. So does he only want to be friends? Or is he leaving it open for more. What do guys think when this happens?

    • Sadly he just wants to be friend now lol.

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  • He just wants to be friends.