Does it seem like it's going to go anywhere?

I started talking to this guy at the end of January and Thursday will officially be the 2nd month of us talking. The first few dates were really great and Valentine's day was also sweet. After Valentine's day, he started referring to me as his girlfriend and so I started referring to him as my boyfriend (if someone asked), even though he never formally ask me. this past month (second month!) he has already been weirder. He says he likes me, I have already met his family, and he will send me cute things every now and then... but we haven't been on a date since Valentine's day. More times than not now I am going to his house and we just watch TV and he doesn't text me half as much as he used to. He also has been calling our nights together off early maybe around 8 or 9 because he has to work the next day which is annoying because he works 8-5 M-F every week and my schedule is always changing with work and school, so I figured he would stay up a little later just to enjoy the few times we get to hang out every week or two. He's recently started changing plans on me and just last night he showed up like 3 hours late to pick me up for a date. Today (the next day) he hasn't texted me at all.
I'm not so much afraid that he doesn't like me, because I can tell he does. I just don't like that he is so inconsiderate of me or how I'm feeling. He already seems comfortable with me and I just wish he was still trying to impress me or make me happy like he did at first... My question is, should I end it now because I can tell his personality is going to be really hard for me to deal with or should I give it more time to see if things change?


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  • Have you talked to him about these things? We won't know what's on his mind, we can just give off suggestions and possibilities. You NEED to talk to him before you consider anything. I will just give my opinion what you mentioned:

    -If he referred you as his girlfriend, then he already decided that you two were in an exclusive relationship. A lot of times that happens w/o any sort of communication.
    -You meeting his family is a major plus sign.
    -The cute things is usually something that happens more frequently in the 'Honeymoon phase'. Couples do sweet things more. Once that period of time dies down, it becomes less and less frequent. And being so close to Valentine's Day is probably why it was more common then.
    -Being in a relationship doesn't mean going out every weekend. Staying in is dating as well. Some people prefer to stay in. It's more personal and cheaper.
    -Doesn't text as much could be due to him being busy or because of the Honeymoon phase.
    -Calls nights off early: Probably because he needs to sleep. Maybe he needs to get things done before heading to bed. I'm sure he'd do that when you're not around so that you don't have to feel left alone or forced to help out with whatever it is.
    -The conflict of schedule makes things much harder. Sounds to me he has a stable-ish career but you are juggling between school and work. It's not easy and can take a toll emotionally.
    -Did you ask why he showed up late? Did he have a valid reason?
    -Did you even text him yet today? You can't expect him to do everything. You gotta put some effort too.

    Like I said, you need to talk to him, tell him what you said here and express your concerns or you'll end up driving yourself crazy and possibly doing something you'll regret.

    • Thank you so much. This is basically the best advice I've gotten today (and trust me I have a lot of girl friends lol). I don't want to jump into (or out of I guess) anything and I don't want to just be thinking about myself either. I will probably talk to him about it next weekend, though, because his birthday is this week lol and I don't want it to be on his mind. Anyways, thank you so much, great advice:)

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  • Talk to him first. If he's not willing to compromise, then end it.