True/false: pretty girls have to make the first move?

I've heard that if a girl is pretty she usually has to make the first move or else guys assume she's not interested or because she intimidates boys so they won't come up to her.
On the other hand average looking girls don't have to because guys aren't as nervous to approach them so these girls don't have to approach guys as often. Guys come up to them.

In short: the prettier the girl the more signs THEY have to show or give to guys.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's kinda both. Depends on the guy. A lot of guys out there don't want a girl who they feel will get hit on 24/7 because it will mean the relationship's always in trouble. But the girl may not even get hit on a lot or at all if every guy she passes is assuming she's getting hit on a lot.

    Now honestly from what I hear with guys out there, some will make moves and stop if the girl's just sucking up the attention and not showing interest back.

    But this really depends on where the girl goes. Is she one to go out much? Is she partying on the weekend? It all depends.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I wouldn't say that at all, I know attractive girls who are just pestered by guys everyday and they'll have people shout at them in the street etc... I think the problem for them is trying to find a guy who actually likes them for more than just what they see.

  • The only "should" there is in making the first move is: If you like someone, you should go for it. Girl, boy, anything in-between, and pretty, or not.

  • TRUE.. if the girl is pretty/beautiful (and she knows it) she has to make ALL the first moves unless a guy asks her out then of course she doesn't have to do any approaching, but she still has to make moves (initiate) if the guy doesn't , on another note just because a girl is attractive doesn't mean she has to be approached


What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's both... I find that if I make the first move I ALWAYS get the guy; whereas sometimes I won't even know the guy always liked me and then I start hitting on them and find out they liked me all along. If I don't make a move I usually don't get much attention. Although, I don't lead people on; if I'm not interested I make it pretty obvious so maybe that's why.