What is an appropriate thing to say when he says he'll love you forever?

I know this may seem childish, but my boyfriend says it to me all the time. We've been dating six months now, he's 18 I'm 19. I really do love him and he's the greatest person ever. But I usually avoid saying it back to him (Loving him forever I mean). simply because you never know what the future brings.

My question is, he texted to me again right now. And I honestly don't know what to say... I talked to him about it before, but he doesn't care he says it anyways. So what is the appropriate thing to say when your boyfriend says "I love you forever" When you do love him but you're scared that it's not true and it may not last forever? Boy that was a mouthful.


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  • I totally understand your problem and having a guy tell me that he'll 'love me forever' (or anything along those lines) is actually a huge deal breaker for me, but I have trust issues, so ya know. :)
    I think as long as you DON'T say "thanks" or "k", you're good to go. Personally, I'd suggest saying something like "Love you too" and then a question on something random. That way you're giving him what he wants (an 'I love you'), not jeopardizing your opinion on it, and provide a subject change that isn't cruel or completely awkward/random.
    However, at some point in time, I'd suggest you talk to him about this. Obviously, don't come right out and say "I love you but not forever because who knows what will happen?" but saying something like "At this point I can't promise forever but I can't see a day when I'll stop loving you." or even just watching a romantic comedy where a guy/girl says something along those lines and you just passive aggressively say "Always? No one can predict the future."
    Hope that helps! Good luck!


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  • I agree with everything eHeart95 said. That would also be a deal-breaker for me. To me, it sounds manipulative and creepy.

  • Just respond in your own words and tell him that you love him too. You don't have to use the word forever if you're not certain about it.


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