Guys, why did he suddenly just disappear?

(This is a little long, but I want to avoid misunderstanding.) So I met this guy six months ago. It went off well, shared a kiss on the first date and we began seeing each other once a week. And then two months later, he stopped talking to me. I didn't find out until two months after that, he was interested in someone else. But then, the girl stopped talking to him and he wanted to apologize, in fact, he confessed to everything. I told him I won't be used as a rebound and he didn't plan on to. So I asked him what he wanted from me, and he said that he wants to be my friend, but it wasn't the "I just want to be friends speech."

I am forgiving, or a fool. so we hung out again, once a week. He told me that he came across the other girl and realized that she was immature and felt so much more appreciative of me. We ended up making out and later on, we got really hot once and I didn't feel comfortable with it. He got frustrated - he said that he feels comfortable with me and did not like to see me uncomfortable with him touching me. So he said he was going to take a physical and a mental step backward and told me to step forward when I felt ready.

Well, our finals ended and we live an hour away from each other now. We hung out only twice, I didn't kiss him or anything, I wanted to wait and observe. The first time he was distant and saying really rude things to me, like all women were snakes (he had troubling times with his exes, but I don't know details) . The next week, he was back to normal, and touching me again. I didn't give in, but I did let him know in the end that he was a jerk the week before. But we had a good non-tense time and all, like two good friends enjoying the day. He does make some sexual comments, but I am not so comfortable with those because I don't have a lot of experience. So sometimes I laugh with him, and other times I shoot him down in a sarcastic way. I am a naturally sarcastic person, and he jokingly calls me mean although he knows for sure that I am not (he has nightmares, and I have given him a dream catcher for his birthday).

We had a nonsense conversation through text messaging a few days later, although I noticed that I was the one initiating all the conversations for a good three weeks. And then he stopped responding to the fun conversation we were having and then doesn't really return my texts anymore. He stopped completely again. What happened? Is there any way now that I can explain myself to him? I don't believe I did anything wrong. And I don't think it is someone else again because he knows his mistake last time was not telling me anything, so if there was someone else again, I think he would tell me.


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  • let it go this guy sounds an ass who wants you as a rebound chick