How do you date a guy these days?

I am recently divorced after 20 years and it seems like the playing field has changed so much. Why is it most guys just want to talk and never really ask a lady out? I mean the conversations are really good but it never seems to progress. I am so confused by all of this. Is this normal?


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  • Have you read "not your mother's rules"? Go and buy it, rent it from the library or illegally download a copy. It explains everything about how to date properly in this day and age (yes they are crazy, no I don't think you should follow 100% of what they say, but it'll give you a good idea of how to get things to progress).


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  • WOW, my situation exactly so I would love to know what women think.
    my divorce was final after 20 years marriage and 25 together. I am dreading dating. I never liked it which was one reason to get married.
    I have no ideas what the rules are.
    I made my whole life about my wife and kids. So how can I talk about anything without taking about them? there is nothing..
    I want a fast forward button to instantly put me in a new relationship, past all the "getting to know you" stuff and into the "comfortable" stage..

    • I know how you feel. I hate it too.

  • Well you can thank your feminist sisters for this. Many men won't ask a girl out because they're afraid of being labelled as creeps or possibly worse. Women often shoot men down cruelly - when that happens over and over again, eventually those guys think "fuck that", and they stop. Either that or they just don't know how because so many people tell them different things - should they be friends with you for a while first or should they risk coming off as "too forward"? They don't know.

  • Men have forgotten how to act like men. You could always make the first move if you want to get some response.

    • correction.
      Men aren't allowed to be men.

    • Correction, real men don't need approval to do what they believe is right.

  • Well, Are you hot? That's quite important. Me on other hand grabs a ass when I see one and like it.

  • because its the girl who controls sex etc and it has always been like that, and girls think everything's the guys job because of their lack of interests in guys, so how you date them is you have to ask them out since your the girl

  • 1. You're divorced.
    2. That's kinda normal.
    3. Men aren't as stupid as they'd have you believe.

    Divorce rates are at an all time high, the percentage of men seeking marriage is at an all time low - the math isn't hard.

    Feminism created the world they wanted, and now that it's here modern women get to deal with the aftermath - that includes men that won't commit, men that refuse to marry, men that don't want any kids, men that won't spend money on you, etc etc. Yay for gender equality, and all of the inequalities and backlash that it created!


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