What do I do? girl who likes me can't talk to me anymore?

Cliff notes:
-Met girl, hit off great, she really likes
-We got into a HUGE fight, we didn't talk for 2 weeks
-During that time, she was talking to another dude, and decided to date him
-Me and her resume friendship, i find out she is dating him, and i tell her upfront i still like her and im willing to date her if she happens to be single
-She obviously still likes me, because she said "well maybe if me and him break up we can try again"
-Right now i'm keeping her on the side as a friend as i approach other girls
-Her bf saw a couple flirty texts between me and her, suggesting dating if she's single again, and doesn't feel comfortable with her talking to me
-Ironically a couple days before, i said "if a guy ever tells you dont talk to someone, then run" and she said "yeah yeah im not stupid" yet she's contradicting herself cause she's SIDING with him and doesn't want him to worry so she's going to talk to me less now

What do I do to save my friendship with this girl? its the only way to keep her interested in me.

  • Dont talk to her period, let her miss you
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  • Continue to talk to her, even tho its less
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  • I don't agree with either option. I don't think you should talk to her, but not so she misses you. You should stop talking to her because she's with someone else. I don't blame her boyfriend at all for not wanting her to have contact with you. You both crossed the line. She's "siding" with him because he's right. It's not an instance of him "controlling" her and forbidding her from talking to her friends. He told her he "doesn't feeling comfortable" with her talking with someone that's trying to steal her from him. Any other reasonable man would do the same.

    Here's the deal: you got into a fight and didn't speak for 2 weeks. If she really wanted to be with you, she wouldn't have started dating someone else. Don't disrespect her and her current relationship by being "that" guy.


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  • This is a tough situation your in huh? But anyway, I would stick with just talking to her a little bit less. It's obvious that you both have feelings for each other so why lose out on a potential girlfriend?

  • Talk to her on her schedule. The reality is that she's not contradicting herself; she isn't being controlled but instead agrees with the behavior. She likes the other guy more than you understand.

    • I think it's kinda controlling, how so is it not contorlling?

    • He expressed that he doesn't want her to talk to you as it makes him uncomfortable. He did not demand this of her. She is willingly reducing her conversation with you and is not bound to do so for any other reason. She acts out of respect for the other man not out of fear.

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