Went on our first date is he still interested? I want to see him again but i don't want to ask him first as i might seem easy?

I've been talking on and off to this guy since November his been going on and on about us meeting up so i ended up meeting him at college when i went to get my results. We would talk every now and then his always very flirty with me so his giving me mixed signals he asked if he could take me out on a date. His mentioned a couple times that he wants to kiss me when he sees me etc and that he is planning on kissing me on our date. We ended up going cinema together we ended up watching wolf of wall street which was hilarious but kinda awkward with him as it was just sex sex sex drugs lol but it wasn't that bad we made a joke about it. After the movie was done i got a call from my sister that she would come pick me up since it was really late rather than me taking the bus alone at night. So he offered to walk me to my sisters car which was quite a walk. At this point i was quite anxious as to what he was planning on doing when we said our goodbyes he walked me up near the car and gave me a tight hug and not a kiss which i was abit confused about because he was so persistent that he was going to kiss me and at the end of the movie he offered me gum in which he took himself too so i thought that was a sign that he was going to kiss me. But he ended up not kissing me after the date we only talked a couple times straight after and recently after 2months he brought up our whole date sent me a snapchat saying 'aw didn't get a kiss on our date :( with an upset face. Does this mean that his still interested his always flirty when we talk I've met him a couple times after but at a restaurant that he happened to be there he was working at the time so we didn't get to talk much. Another thing that gets me confused is that he talks to a lot of girls and somewhat flirts with them but i think thats just his character. I want to see him again but don't know what to do. Is he still interested?


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  • He didn't kiss you because your sister was there sweetie. Probably didn't have much money in December and after because of Christmas and now probably feels he's blown it/missed his chance. I say go for it, tell him he needs to come and get his kiss. There's nothing wrong with a woman being forward, you didn't know how meany times I here guy say they wish girls would make the first move/have some balls to put themselves in the driving seat... Good luck and happy hunting xx


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