Ideas for a promposal.. please?

So I want to ask this girl to prom. I don't know her TOO well or anything and I dont want this to be over the top or anything but at the same time, i think I should put some effort into it.
Right now, I was thinking of writing out a message and putting the page up into a puzzle, putting it in and envelope with a paper rose and asking her friend to leave it on her locker (Or i can leave it on her desk before class)

What do you think? Too unoriginal? Would also appreciate better ideas


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  • get single red roses and have her friends take them to her one by one with a letter spelling out P R O M? and then you walk to her with a different color.. white or yellow, etc. its cute and she gets flowers ;)

    • Ty for the feedback... i just think thats a bit too "public" especially since i dont know her too well

  • I think it's fine to just ask a girl. Especially if you don't know her, really.


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