Another woman likes my boyfriend, and I don't like them having contact?

Well my boyfriend who is 30 rented a room of his apartment to a woman (who is older than us) and they became really good friends. At first I was OK with it, because sometimes the three of us hang out together, but at some point she changed when i was around (not talking, being serious, like looking upset). Well, a few weeks ago there was a party and she told everyone that my boyfriend was his soul-mate in body, mind and soul (i don't know wtf was that), and she was all clingy and hugging him all the time. So, now she's away travelling and she emails my boyfriend everyday. Some people told me that she might be in love with him. And that made me feel really bad, because I think she acted like having no respect towards our relationship. I really believe she is obsessed with him, and I don't like him answering her emails. How can I tell him that he hurts my feelings when he emails back?


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  • You just tell him before it gets worse. Seriously, I mean like right now you better tell him.


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