How many people have had 'just taking a break' in a relationship, and had success resurrecting it later?

When I say coming back from taking a break in a relationship, I don't mean, you got back together for a couple of weeks, then split again. I'm more talking took a break, got back together eventually, and made it work?


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  • Usually taking a break is just a nice way to ease into a breakup. I guess it all depends on the reasons for the break, though.

    • from my own experiences, taking a break is a break up where someone is giving the other an unrealistic shred of hope to cling to

    • I agree, I think that's probably true most of the time. The once person that's the breaker-upper knows in their heart it's over, and they just use the break as an easier way to start the process.

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  • In my experience on and off relationships do not work. There are fundamental flaws, hence the lack of consistency

    • on and off again relationships are usually doomed, but i give them points for trying :P

      but even just the one 'we need a break, my schedule is really hectic at the moment' do you think its unrecoverable? .

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    • im single, not looking for advice :P im looking for opinions :)

    • I see, Then the second part of my opinion still stands. :)

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  • I've done it three times out of all three times it happened, matters how much the people care for eachother

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