High school senior, prom, and bad luck with dating?

I'm a senior in high school and I've had one girlfriend my entire life so the whole opposite sex thing doesn't really go well for me. Prom is coming up in a few months and I didn't go last year but want to go this year.
How do I know what friend it would be ok to ask?
Is a relationship/date based prom out of the question at this point? (I won't be going to college close to home)
Thanks for your help!


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  • If you ask a girl and she says yes, don't assume that she wants to be your girlfriend/have sex/whatever. A lot of people just go with friends or just want a date, etc. And it's totally okay to go with a friend!
    Since you are graduating it kinda makes it hard to find a full relationship at this point, but that okay! College dating is completely different from high school. You'll meet a lot of new people!

    • Ok, I'm glad going as friends isn't considered awkward. Thank you!

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