What should i do? Am i possibly pushing him too fast? i think i may be getting carried away or ahead of myself.

So this guy just recently moved here, well nearby you get the picture. He's close enough where we could meet up easily. We started talking on Facebook but the thing is he's not on much.. We hardly know eachother and haven't had a chance to meet up yet.. He always apologises for not being online for a while. He said he's been having personal issues.. I really wanna get to know hom better but it seems like its going to take a long time at this rate.. If anythings unclear just ask. What should i do? :/

He opened up to me a bit tonight :) i think he's decided to trust me. :)
The guy this question about just changed his status to in a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend who just gave birth.. :/


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  • I am very familiar with "situations" like this one. And when the guy has "personal issues" going on in his life, believe me----he does. Although many of today's guys are sporadic and unpredictable, the ones who are "more into themselves" are worse. And it's not always easy to keep in touch with them, nor carry on convos with them, let alone "meet up easily."
    All you can really do at this point, is continue to send him a message on Facebook , just to let him know you're there for him as his "new friend." And you say "he's close enough," so I am assuming he lives very close to your house. That's a Plus for you. Starting from the Last time you both communicated, wait a week or a bit more, and just go on over to his house and say "hi." Simply tell him that you were just wondering how he is doing lately, if there is anything you can do to help, and take it from there.
    Yes, it probably will "take a long time at this rate," but these sort of guys, who don't have it totally together, sometimes would rather shut you out, rather than shut you up with all their excuses. xx

    • He's not THAT close or we probs woulda met up already and i woulda stalked his new house and all that jazz ha.. No i'd need a car..

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    • Best wishes, sweetie. Girls like you and me have a lot of patience.. Very far and few.. xx

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  • I don't think you're pushing him too fast, but I don't think he's that available for you right now. Keep it casual, but don't invest too much into a relationship.

    • Probaby :/

      Dw i'm not putting too much time into it.. Especially if he's still got issues or whatever to sort out..

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