Coffee Date... Help a clueless optimist!?

So I met this guy, but we had like a one minute conversation (I was on a run, and he had a cute dog so I stopped asked if I could pet her and we chatted). Turns out he's a med student, and I am very good friends with one of his classmates. About a day after our meeting we became Facebook friends. Our mutual friend built him up in my head so much, I started dropping, 'I'd like to hang out hints'. Which turned into the offer of a coffee date this Saturday at 2.

Here's the thing, according to our mutual friend, we both have 'crappy dating pasts', we also both have really high energy levels, were both runners in undergrad etc. We have a lot in common... and learning this made me really look forward to Saturday.

I am interested, and want to show that, with out being too needy... because apparently he'll worry about the same thing. I know I am over thinking, but in the event that I think things go good... should I assume he only did if he kisses me? Also, should I expect him to say something about hanging out again on the first date?

Sorry I am so clueless.


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  • 1. Showing up is a sign that you like him. Just your radiant presence is sufficient. Relax a little.

    2. If things go good then... things go good! Just like how you met the man in a random 1s conversation so you will find that life flows and solves itself. Stop working so hard when in reality human mating will do what it wants to do regardless of your precautions and nerves.


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