Can we be friends without it exploding?

So there is this guy. We met at school and we became instant best friends. We talked all the time, and everything. I started to like him, and it was obvious he liked me, but then our friendship blew up. We "hated" each other. Well time went on, and we became friends again.. and our friendship blew up AGAIN. this time, i found out he liked me and freaked out. well then awhile later we became best friends again, and it was perfect, like every other time, and well it blew up again, but this time i let it be known how i feel about him. And he let me know how he felt about me... then we stopped talking. And then we became best friends again, but it blew up and we hate each other again. But now i miss him. Its been about 5 months since we talked, but i miss him so much. I just want to say hello, but everybody expects it. I know he thinks about me cause he was talking about me on Twitter.. i just miss his constant texting and skyping, his constant presence. Are we a toxic thing? Can we be friends without being more than friends, or will we always just fight if we only stay friends? Is it one of those things where we can't be friends because we love each other? I am so confused...

  • Yes, you can be friends again
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  • No, you need to stay apart
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  • I have no idea
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  • You should just try to talk to him
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  • I think both A and D

    • thanks :P its toxic, i know that, and im afraid to talk to him, but thats all i want to do..


    • I was in the same sich
      have a sit down with him and try to figure out y u guys keep blowing up
      it really helped me.

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