First date help, meeting late at night?

I am going on a first date with a girl I met from POF, this Wednesday. The problem is she doesn't get off work until 8PM and said she wouldn't be home until around 8:30. Most places close at 9 or 10PM. There are a few places we could go for activities such as bowling or something, but they close at 10. If we do an activity kind of thing though every place to eat would be closed. So I think I might have to choose between going to dinner, or doing something fun for an hour. Opinions would be appreciated, or other ideas for the date.


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  • I am not sure but I think the movies might be open later than that but food is good too. If she is quiet - to the movies and if she is talkative go for dinner somewhere etc...

    • Movie first dates are kind of bad I think. You don't get to talk, it's kind of awkward sitting in the dark with someone you don't know that well.

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  • If it's not too cold, picnic in a park/on a beach!

    Do you cook? You could always invite her to your place for dinner.

    • Oh, and you should probably ask her if she's eaten or not. If she hasn't it'd be kinda bad to go do something hungry...

    • It will probably be too dark for a picnic. I do cook, but I feel like that might be a bit much for a first date. Definitely ideas for later though

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